Pamela Ferderbar PHOTOGRAPHER

Pamela Ferderbar shoots environmental portraits of people, which use ambient surroundings to tell a story about a person. Sometimes this environment is directly connected to the subject—it's a home or place of business or community. Other times the environment has little or no connection to the subject, but helps create a mood that communicates a deeper understanding of that person.


By photographing someone in an ambient setting the photographer is better able to convey the character, and therefore the essence of the subject's personality rather than simply a likeness of their physical features. The subject is more at ease and so more conducive to expressing themselves, as opposed to the confines of a studio, which can be an intimidating and artificial experience.

Pamela approaches her portraits of monumental landscapes and cultural and architectural icons in much the same way as her human subjects, ascribing emotional content to the forms and structures.







Proud member of:


Coalition of Photographic Arts/Milwaukee

Writer's Guild of America

Director's Guild of America


NAICS 541921 and 541922



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